Leader: Kathy Deen
Dancers: Lynn Woolman, Christy Crook, Cindy Bryan, Stephanie Born, Marisa Deen, Cara Pulliam, and Patty Deen

Hosanna Dancers is a worship group under the jurisdiction of
The Plant of Renown, Inc.  We hold to the statement of fundamental truths and beliefs as outlined in the constitution of The Plant of Renown, Inc.

Hosanna Dancers specializes in interpretative worship dance, Davidic praise, and Hebraic dance. We have made a study of authentic Jewish folk dances.  We participate and perform in the church worship services and in the services of
Beth Shalom Ministries.


From left to right
: Kathy Deen, Patty Deen, Cara Pulliam, Lynn Woolman, Marisa Deen, Stephanie Born, Cindy Bryan, and Christy Crook
From left to right (top row):
Cindy Bryan, Cara Pulliam, Stephanie Born, and Patty Deen

From left to right on (bottom row): Kathy Deen, Lynn Woolman, Marisa Deen, and Christy Crook
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