The Plant of Renown, a nonprofit organization, was legally instituted February 7, 1950. Symbolically, Christ is referred to as a "plant", thus The Plant of Renown is not only an earthly institution, more important, it is a spiritual, religious planting of God, conceived in the heart of God and revealed to the earth for the purpose of honoring and exalting Christ, the true "Plant of Renown. (Isaiah 11:l, 53:2; Ezekiel 34:29)

The symbol of the Plant of Renown is the six-pointed star of the Old Testament, united with the cross of the New Testament. This represents a full gospel for all believers, both Jew and Gentile. The motto of the Plant of Renown is, "Jesus the Light of the World." The mission of the Plant of Renown is found in the great commission. (Mark 16:15-18)

The Plant of Renown is not a religious denomination. It is a movement that is an organized collection of Christian believers, churches and/or denominations, ministries, Christian media, organizations, etc. It is an interconnected network that is incorporated to unite thoroughly with, or work indistinguishably, into something already existent. (Ephesians 4:11-16)

The Plant of Renown is evangelical, in scope, to spread the gospel as it is presented in the four Gospels. It is based on the Judeo-Christian principals of the Holy Bible. The Plant of Renown does not consider itself to be Israelite or Jews of national Israel, but figuratively speaking, we are, as believers, a part of spiritual Israel, spiritual children of Abraham, by faith. (Galatians 3:26-29)

The Plant of Renown is a vehicle to be used to bring the Body of Christ together in unity, and to see God’s perfect will to be done on the earth. It is raised of God for His Glory alone. It is a collection of Christian believers united to "girdle the globe and circle and earth" with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to help prepare the Bride of Christ for His coming. It is a corporate body of believers with a sole purpose in view. The Word of God teaches us the value of agreement . With this kind of agreement, the Church of the Living God will become an effective force in the spiritual realm, as well as the political, economic and secular realms.


World:  A symbol of our vision for a world-wide revival.

  A symbol of the Holy Spirit and a former and latter  rain outpouring of God's Spirit on the earth.

A symbol of the trinity of the Godhead - Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

7 blue lines:
  A symbol of the menorah and God's perfect number.

Star & cross:  A symbol of God's redemptive plan. The star  representative of Christ on the cross. A gospel for the Jew and the Gentile.

Divided wave:  A symbol of the tidal wave God has promised; one half to Israel and the mid-east; one half to the USA and the world.

Colors of the symbol:  The blue of heaven and the white of the clouds:  White - a symbol of purity; Blue - a color used  extensively in the tabernacle and temple.

A symbol of the Lion of Judah - our conquering King.

Gold:  A symbol of the richness of God's grace.



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