Beth Shalom Ministry

Beth Shalom was established to be a “house of peace” for both the Jew and Gentile.

Beth Shalom Ministries is an international ministry for both Jewish and Gentile believers. It is a part of, and is under the jurisdiction of, The Plant of Renown, Inc. It holds to the statement of fundamental truths and beliefs as outlined in the constitution of The Plant of Renown, Inc.

The Christian church has a rich spiritual heritage due to the writings of the Torah and the prophets. Its beliefs are based on the Jewish concept of one sovereign God, creator of the universe.

Beth Shalom means “house of peace”. This ministry was established to be a house of peace for both the Jew and the Gentile. We believe that when a Jew becomes a believer in Jesus as their Messiah and Savior that he or she does not lose any of their Jewishness, but that it is enhanced.

The symbol of The Plant of Renown is the cross of Christ, united with the Jewish six-pointed star. Jesus Christ was a Jew. He was brought up as a Jew and was a very religious observer of the Jewish laws and traditions. We believe that He is the promised Messiah who will return again for His own and will rule and reign with them in Jerusalem.

Beth Shalom Leaders

Jacob Maynard

Associate Pastor

Jacob Maynard

Associate Pastor
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Rachel Maynard


Rachel Maynard

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Jacob Maynard, Associate Pastor

Jacob Maynard dedicated his life to the Lord on the first night that he attended the Full Gospel Temple on September 18, 1977 and has been a member since that time.

He has taught the adult Sunday school class for many years while leading Beth Shalom Ministries.

His career, after serving 4 years in the Air Force, has mainly been in the automotive industry for the past 45 years. Recently retired, Jacob began full-time ministry as Associate Pastor.


Frances has been a part of the church all of her life. Her parents were charter members of the church.

She has served the church in many areas over the years. She was a Sunday School Teacher, a member of the church choir, soloist, and has been an Assistant to the Pastor and Associate Pastor for many years.

Frances was employed by the State of Louisiana for thirty years where she served as Administrative Assistant to the District Director. Ever since her retirement she has worked for the church.

Gerry Woolman, Pastor

Gerry has been a part of the Full Gospel Temple since his birth in 1954. His parents became members of the church in 1950. The family was faithful in attendance and brought Gerry, his brother, David, and sister Jan to church.
At age 15, Gerry was involved in a very traumatic motorcycle accident and was in the hospital for over one year. He was in critical condition for some time and came close to dying at least four times. When he did leave the hospital, he was on crutches and wearing braces on both legs. The doctors were very pessimistic about his even being able to walk again.

Needless to say, this accident was life-changing for Gerry. Even though he was a good little “church going” boy, it was really the first time God got his attention. From that moment on, his focus on life changed dramatically and he surrendered his life fully to God.

Gerry has served his God and his church in many capacities over the years. He has been a Sunday school teacher, Torchbearer leader, the lead singer in the Torchbearer band, a worship leader, a co-pastor of the church, along with his precious wife, Lynn Starkey Woolman.

Upon the death of the current Pastor, Associate Pastor and his wife, he was thrust into the role of pastor of the Full Gospel Temple. Gerry has worked in the secular field as an operations manager for ORR Cadillac in Shreveport, Louisiana for the past 35 years. He has just recently retired from this position to become a full-time Pastor of the church.